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Peer consultation - NOT supervision
Dr. Garber frequently works with peers across guilds to review practice process, to prepare for/debrief after a particularly challenging professional event, and/or to broaden perspective and improve process in specific cases.

Dr. Garber's broad experience, innovative thinking, and grasp of the professional literature, case law, and available resources can make peer consultation a rich and rewrading experience.

Peer consultation is not supervision. Dr. Garber cannot accept liability for consultee's work product or process.

Consultees are responsible to protect the confidentiality of parties at all times. Dr. Garber cannot and will not make recommendations specific to any consultation matter. Any recommendation discussed is based on the consultee's presentation of a fact pattern and is thereby generic and hypothetical.

Peer consultation can be provided on an ad hoc on a regularly scheduled basis.

Peer consultation can be conducted in personal or via distance media. Please keep in mind that Dr. Garber schedules in the eastern time zone of the United States.

Dr. Garber provides small group intensive peer consultation and training opportunities Intensive
                              peer mentoring

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How much does this service cost?
Peer consultation is charged on a per hour basis. Costs can be depleted when small groups can participate in the process.

Dr. Garber will clarify the per hour charge in an initial Statement of Understanding provided upon request.

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Large group training
Dr. Garber is proud to have become an acclaimed and well-received family law trainer across jurisdictions, venues, topics, and guilds. He has conducted trainings across the United States, Mexico, Canada, the Netherlands, Israel, South Africa, and Australia.

Dr. Garber's trainings are thought-provoking, entertaining, empirically-grounded, and immediately useful. Participants routinely comment that Dr. Garber's trainings hold their attention, broaden their perspective, and leave them with new means of tackling the challenging matters that greet them the moment they return to the office.

Dr. Garber will be glad to discuss an adequate stipend and expenses depending on when, where, and what the topic of the proposed training will be.

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What topics does Dr. Garber adress?
Dr. Garber will work with you and your group to craft a family law training program suited to your audience's skills, needs, and interests.

Following is a sample of topics Dr. Garber is presently available to provide:

Alienation is one piece of the
"Alienation is just one piece of the puzzle: Understanding and responding to the needs of the polarized child."

Escaping the false and destructive binary "if its not estrangement, it must be alienation" dilemma. This program discusses the full spectrum of high conflict family dynamics and how to respond to them.

Structure PP 2022

"Structure diminishes anxiety: Practical family law solutions to reduce conflict and keep the kids out of the middle."

Structure -in the form of limits, boundaries, routines, and roles- diminishes anxiety. Anxiety fuels conflict. Conflict harms kids. Therefore structure can serve children's needs. This presentation helps participants better structure their role in family law process to the benefit of all.


"Resilience-informed family law: Building parenting plans on systemic strengths."

Family law over-emphasizes pathology and trauma and has lost perspectives on personal resources and strengths. This training re-introduces the idea of resilience as a critical variable that must be understood if we hope to genuinely serve each child's best interests.

Dynamics, not
"Dynamics, Not Diagnoses: Focusing the family law lens on relationship fit."

Dr. Garber is family law's primary advocate for a strengths-based, developmentally-informed, and systemically-grounded approach to understanding and serving each child's needs. This training lays the foundation for the movement away from individual pathology, blame, and shame toward a focus on fit.

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