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Intensive Peer Mentoring:
An in-depth, individualized consultative and educational model
for family law professionals

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Intensive Peer Mentoring

Dr. Ben Garber is an internationally recognized expert in family law and an innovator in the field. His publications are routinely cited in contemporary research and case law as setting the highest standards for child-centered intervention and evaluation relevant to family litigation. His presentations are in high demand around the world by professionals eager to remain current with the state of the art and the best practices in the field.

Dr. Garber is  now able to provide this cutting-edge expertise to family law professionals in a novel format. Intensive Peer Mentoring provides in-depth, individual or small group child-centered consultation custom-tailored to each participant's skills, areas of interest, and needs.

Large group trainings can be terrific, but the genuinely astute participant who seeks more than just continuing education credits can only ask so many questions or take the speaker aside for so long. In this setting, it can be impossible to genuinely challenge a concept, inquire about an application, or explore all of the "what if....?" and "I have a case that ..." and "Where can I learn more....?" questions and comments that can arise.

Intensive Peer Mentoring welcomes these challenges and inquiries and innovations. This is the environment in which in-depth thought, case application, and out-of-the-box "what-ifs" are welcome and valued. This is the setting in which skilled professionals hone and update their thinking and their real-world tools.

Individual Intensive Peer Mentoring is a small group or one-on-one consultative relationship focused on your specific professional needs and goals. Meetings are scheduled in-person or via teleconference to correspond to the emergent needs of your practice, the unique challenges of a specific case, and/or to pursuant to your desire to develop new skills as a family law professional.

Individual peer mentoring creates the opportunity to examine a particular evaluation, report, or intervention in great detail. Dr. Garber will provide research and tools specific to your needs as part of the service.

Who should engage in intensive peer mentoring?

  • Professionals who are new to family law practice
  • Professionals who wish to polish or update specific areas of family law practice
  • Professionals who intend to comply with best practices in the field
  • Professionals who know that their high quality work can be made more time- and cost-efficient
Individual peer mentoring is NOT supervision. Dr. Garber cannot accept responsibility for your clinical decisions, forensic process or work product. As an initial step, you and Dr. Garber will mutually endorse a Service Agreement detailing the nature and limits of the service, with particular emphasis on this liability issue.

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Small Group Intensive Peer Mentoring is a three day, empirically grounded, child-centered, case-oriented consultative service. Three or four like-minded professionals are invited to learn together. Each small group curriculum is unique and crafted to suit the group's specific needs. This intensive, advanced training includes:
  • Grounding in relevant ethics, guidelines and standards of practice by jurisdiction and guild.
  • Survey of the relevant literature
  • Review and constructive critique of (sanitized) sample reports
  • Review of relevant assessment and intervention instruments
  • "Devil's advocate" argument for and against current practices
  • Role play enactments of relevant deposition and testimony

Each Intensive Peer Mentoring three-day session is designed uniquely to suit the expressed interests, skills and needs of the participants. Dr. Garber will assemble an exhaustive bibliography of relevant scientific literature, a log of relevant case law, and will provide participants with sample (sanitized) reports and evaluation tools. These materials are collected in the form of a binder and delivered to participants (either via post or email in pdf format) in advance of meeting so as to build a common foundation in theory, practice and approach.

The Intensive Peer Mentoring process is not complete when the three day face-to-face portion is done. The program includes monthly ad hoc distance check-ins intended to assure that the matters first discussed in person are thereafter solidly cemented in place.

For details, please see the sample Service Agreement Read more here

Intensive Peer Mentoring can be conducted in Dr. Garber's Nashua, New Hampshire, office just 15 minutes from the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT). Hotels, dining and shopping are within walking distance. Dr. Garber can also arrange to provide Intensive Peer Mentoring at your location or via video conference..

Intensive Peer Mentoring is a form of consultation. It does not constitute supervision. Dr. Garber cannot accept liability for participants' professional conduct.

Intensive Peer Mentoring has not yet been qualified for continuing education credits. Dr. Garber will take reasonable steps to support participant efforts to acquire relevant credits on a case-by-case basis.

Reach Dr. Garber directly to discuss these opportunities learn more here

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