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Keeping Kids Out Of The Middle

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“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Why Family Law Consulting PLLC?

Family Law Consulting PLLC was consolidated as a legal entity and a website in 2016, but has existed whole and entire since 1999 with the opening of Dr. Garber's HealthyParent.com practice.

Like most family law professionals, Dr. Ben Garber stumbled on the intersection of child development, family functioning, and legal process by accident decades ago. Specialized training, excellent mentors, and trial-by-fire gradually honed his skills providing psychotherapy to children of divorce, his interests in  the nature of family conflict, resist/refuse dynamics, related systemic confounds, the voice of the child, and expert consultation in these and many related areas.

Breaking expert consultation out as its own business entity in the form of Family Law Consulting, PLLC is a response to the increase in demand for the service and high conflict families' needs to keep their focus on the child. By committing to serve the needs of the child first and foremost, Family Law Consulting PLLC becomes an unyielding advocate for alternative dispute resolution pathways wherever possible.

Expert consultation in high conflict family law matters remains just one of Dr. Garber's functions as a psychologist and child advocate. He continues to provide direct clinical service, consultation, forensic evaluations and interventions under the umbrella of HealthyParent.com Read more here

Read more here:

    • Garber, B.D. (2016). Exploring a process-oriented forensic family observation protocol. Family Court Review.
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    • Garber, B.D. (2014). The chameleon child: Children as actors in the high conflict divorce drama. Journal of Child Custody, 11, 1-16.
    • Garber, B.D. (2012) Security by association? Mapping attachment theory onto family law practice. Family Court Review, 50(3), 467-470.
    • Garber, B.D. (2011). Parental alienation and the dynamics of the enmeshed dyad: Adultification, parentification and infantilization. Family Court Review, 49(2), 322-335.
    • Garber, B.D. and Landerman-Garber, L. (2011). Muchmore and Jaycox: A Call For Developmentally-Responsive Parenting Plans. New Hampshire Bar Journal, 54-57.
    • Garber, B.D. (2009). Attachment methodology in custody evaluation: Four hurdles standing between developmental theory and forensic application. Journal of Child Custody, 6(1&2), 38-61.

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Extramural resources and Family Law Consulting, PLLC
Dr. Garber consults with and employs respected and established colleagues from around the country as-needed on a case-by-case basis to work under the aegis of Family Law Consulting, PLLC. These professionals bring expertise in related fields including substance abuse and dependence, psychometrics, and jurisdiction-specific matters. Other professionals are employed as-needed to manage the tremendous volume of both digital and paper documents typical of expert consultative cases. All such extramural resources are bound to the terms of Dr. Garber's established Service Agreement.

How to retain  Family Law Consulting PLLC

1. Contact Dr. Garber by email Read more here

2. Provide a brief description of the service you're seeking Start

3. Provide case caption and parties' names and addresses, child(ren)'s name(s) and date(s) of birth to complete a conflict check

4. Dr. Garber will deliver a Service Agreement to your attention detailing the terms and limitations of the proposed service and requesting initial retainer funds. Upon return receipt of the endorsed agreement and funds, Dr. Garber will be prepared to meet or conference with you, to receive documents for review, and otherwise to commence the consultative process.

See a sample Service Agreement Read more here

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Family Law Consulting PLLC: Costs and terms of retention
The consultative process is charged at an hourly rate set forth in the initial Service Agreement, inclusive of all activities (e.g., travel, document review, conferencing, testifying) plus costs incurred. A retainer representing an amount commensurate with a brief overview of the matter and one or two hours to share preliminary impressions will be requested initially. If, upon discussion of this preliminary overview, further consultation is mutually acceptable, additional funding will be requested commensurate with the tasks at hand.

Service provision is established contingent upon receipt of all funds requested. Dr. Garber cannot provide services on a  contingency basis.

The Service Agreement typically remains in force for a period of up to twelve (12) months, subject to review and mutual renewal. The consultative relationship can be discontinued by either participant at any time.

The Service Agreement will set forth the conditions of confidentiality and/or privilege to the extent that either might apply, acknowledging that Dr. Garber's responsibility to children and as a mandated reporter supersedes both.

See a sample Service Agreement here Read more here

Please contact Family Law Consulting, PLLC, in the person of Dr. Ben Garber at any time with further questions or to establish an expert consultation Read more here

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